Mortgages for Self Employed & New to Canada

Are you considering obtaining a mortgage, but are being turned down by the banks? New to Canada with little or no credit history? Are other lenders lacking in providing realistic solutions to your specific circumstances?

Mortgages for the Entrepreneurs

You’ll be happy to find out that we have a variety clients who are self-employed with wavering incomes, low credit and great credit scores who have solidified mortgages. We work with lenders that offer excellent options for self-employed Canadians.

Welcome to Canada

Don’t wait to purchase a home. If you have been in Canada for less than 3 years, employed in Canada for a minimum of 3 months and have landed immigrant status you can qualify for a mortgage.

Banks see newcomers as high-risk, more and more Canadians are seeking professional financial assistance from third parties. Fortunately, LendPin has the experience to help those new to Canada obtain a secure mortgage with competitive interest rates. Our expert mortgage agents will provide you with the best product solution to meet your individual needs.

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